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Since we got up and running , we’ve worked to maintain our friendly, locally-owned shop led by true car care pros. From employment opportunities to financing options, learn more about what we can offer you!
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Quality Auto Repair

PNW Auto Repair is a one-stop-shop for every kind of automotive and maintenance needs, it is generally known for providing all-round reliable auto repairs and maintenance services; we focus on our customers and ensure that they are comfortable and confident with the automotive repairs and maintenance we offer them. It is our priority to offer our customers with top quality automotive repairs and maintenance, at affordable rates. PNW does not only guarantee quality services, we also take pride in the satisfaction of our clients. This is to help ensure our client’s confidence in our repairs. With our free estimates as well as a fast turnaround, we are recognized for our personal service and expertise in virtually all forms of specialized engine repairs.

At PNW, we guarantee each service we provide, living up to our promise to diagnose all auto repair problems in a professional and honest manner. With our skills and knowledge concerning automobile care, we can address a wide range of auto repairs when it comes to mechanical issues, which guarantees a higher and more comprehensive level of car care services as well as a greater value with us.

In addition to our guaranteed quality repairs and maintenance, we always check over our client’s car thoroughly for safety as well as preventative maintenance needs. We encourage you to come see us and let us help you keep your vehicle running smoothly.

Our Goal

At PNW Auto Repair, we believe that keeping vehicles well maintained is a key to preventing breakdowns and improving the vehicle’s longevity and efficiency. Oil changes, brake inspection, tire checks, fluid level checks inspection of lights and belt checks are very important. The best and easiest way to minimize breakdown of vehicles and higher cost of repairs is through routine maintenance, and it is therefore important to carry out preventive vehicle maintenance in order to keep the vehicle going without an unexpected breakdown. At PNW Auto Repair, we provide maintenance services to keep your vehicles running well, we also ensure a high quality comprehensive and convenient auto repair. Our most important goal is trust; we always ensure 100% client’s satisfaction as regards quality as well as discovering new ways to exceed their expectations. Consider coming to us today as we would not just deliver your immediate services, instead we go extra miles in ensuring background checks. Whenever clients come to us with a problem, we go as far as checking their brakes, lights, tires, fluids and even more, this may cost very little, but it definitely helps save them from trouble in the future like an unexpected breakdown of their vehicles.

We recognize the value of our customers and the importance of going the extra mile to accommodate them! This isn’t just our motto, it’s our lifeblood. Providing a friendly face with a sincere attitude of service is a must to accomplish our goals for your success at PNW Auto Repair. Our Goals include:

  • Excellent customer service.
  • Getting “IT” right the first time.
  • Providing service beyond an initial sale.
  • Maintaining a conducive and friendly atmosphere for interaction with all our customers.
  • Establishing, maintaining and enforcing a safe work environment for our customers and staff.

Our Team

At PNW Auto Repair, our team of technicians is provided with the best working condition; with the proper tools and equipment to ensure that they deliver quality and reliable services to our clients, as well as enable them to have the freedom to improvise on how to improve their working condition. Our team is known for honesty and highly professional auto repair services. Each member of the PNW Auto repair team, including our highly experienced mechanics, take pride in the excellent reputation we have developed with our clients and we guarantee a renowned fast response time in delivering our services. Our team ensures the utilization of state-of-the-art technology in handling auto repairs, to have our clients back in their cars and on the road safely and quickly as possible, regardless of the make and model of their vehicle.

At PNW Auto Repairs, our team is known for delivering honest answers and we do the job right for the first time in a family-friendly environment, ensuring that our clients drive away with a smile always. We use the latest diagnostic equipment, quality parts and fluids to repair and service our client’s vehicles. Each of our technicians are experienced in all area of specialized automotive repair, including but not limited to; full battery maintenance, oil change services, Alternator & Starter Repair and Replacement Service, brake services, tire and wheel services, A/C Repair & Recharge Services, Common Steering & Suspension Repairs, batteries, CV joints & Driveshaft.

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